Literacy in Motion is driven by a simple idea: By increasing access to age-appropriate reading material for children, we can promote literacy, strengthen families, and empower urban communities.

LIM will leverage the existing resources of New York City's public libraries to make reading materials available through book-vending kiosks. These kiosks will be placed in spaces that parents and children regularly visit, such as:

  • Community Centers
  • Public Transportation Stations
  • Laundromats
  • Public Housing Lobbies

The kiosks will each contain around thirty titles of varying reading level and will operate using public library cards. Checkouts will be free of charge, and each machine will include a box for book returns.

In short, LIM works toward two principal goals:

  • Accessibility: By making age-appropriate reading material more accessible to children and their parents, LIM will bring the joy of reading to previously underserved neighborhoods.
  • Engagement: LIM will foster a positive and enriching environment in low-income urban communities through parent outreach, teaching seminars, and strategic relationships with local leaders and organizations.